Children's Therapeutic Coaching

What is Life Coaching for Children?

Hopeweller Children’s Coaching works through your child's problem/difficulty to find a solution that works.


Throughout my 18+ years of experience working with children I have found overall that children's difficulties are often with managing their behaviour, emotions or they have low confidence/self-esteem. Over the years I have worked with parents who have shared worries about their children, the most common concerns are their child’s change in behaviour, they're finding it difficult to express their feelings at home or school or they just don't understand their child. In my experience I have learned if someone outside the family interacts with a child it can be advantageous, especially if there is a family related issue.  If any of this sounds familiar, I’m sure I could assist you. 

Hopeweller Children's Coaching exclusively combines NLP Life Coaching with Art Therapy Techniques. This is a fun and fresh way for your child to express themselves, gain a sense of achievement by leaving a session with their beautiful art work and ultimately gain understanding of themselves and their circumstances for healthy holistic development. When a child realises their potential and recognises positive changes taking place in their lives, this gives them a real boost and empowers them to make other changes. 

The main issues Hopeweller Children's Coaching deals with are:

  • Developing resilience

  • Improving family relationships

  • Managing Stress

  • Improving social interaction and cooperation with others

  • Managing behaviour

  • Building confidence/self-esteem

  • Managing emotions

Some Benefits of Life Coaching for children are:

  • Learning and building life skills, essential for healthy holistic development

  • Gaining awareness and understanding of their current circumstances and themselves, this can reduce anxieties and help them to gain clarity

  • Building confidence 

  • A sense of achievement

  • Helping them to overcome challenges

  • Developing resilience 

  • Better family relationships 

  • Useful techniques for managing emotions

  • Improved concentration/behaviour in school

Hopeweller Children's Coaching Sessions, prides itself on tailoring individual sessions for each family to meet their individual needs. In my experience, working successfully in partnership with parents yields the best results.

Some of the benefits of Hopeweller Children's Coaching for parents are:

  • Better understanding of this child

  • Improved relationships with their child

  • Tools and techniques to manage their child's behaviour

  • More self-confidence in their parenting abilities

  • A new perspective of their child and their abilities



I utilise the following overarching framework when I work with children:-


Discuss the problem / issue your child may be having. This may be through therapeutic play techniques or a general chat whichever makes your child feel more comfortable

We decide on a goal your child wants to achieve to make their circumstances better / what would help them feel happier

We would look at all the solutions/options they have available to them to reach their goal

Following this, your child would choose which option/solution they would like to try out for the week

When they return the following week we will look at what worked well and what improvement or changes could be made

Whatever it may be, get in contact with me for a consultation to see how I can help you.


Further Information

Initial Discussion

I work closely with parents throughout a Happy Hopeweller Programme. We will have an initial discussion to find out about your family and your concerns. If you would like continue, I ask your child is informed and an initial discussion is arranged. I prefer at this stage for parents to be present for most of the session to build rapport and ensure your child is comfortable with the planned sessions. 

Once we get started I will use a range of tools and techniques to meet the child's needs, this may include worksheets, games, art therapy techniques and discussion. It will be fun, interactive and creative to engage your child and get the best results. There is no pressure and I ensure we go at the child's pace, allowing them to be themselves and in the moment. This approach enables them to feel empowered and you begin to notice changes in their confidence.

Where do the sessions take place?

SKYPE only.

How long are the sessions?

45mins-1hour, this includes discussion with parents

Age Range

5years - 16 years old


All Hopewell Vision & Coaching's programmes/sessions are treated with the utmost privacy. All children's sessions are confidential except if they disclose information which may need to be passed onto Children's Services. Parents are kept up to date at every session and children are often happy for me to share their views during this time. As noted, parent partnership is key, to making good progress and maintaining results.



All children and families are required to have an initial consultation to ensure Happy Hopewellers is the best programme for your child.

There is no charge for this. Please use the contact form at the end of this page, leaving a telephone number for contact. You will receive a response within 24hours.


Depending on a child's needs, sometimes, only a few sessions are required. Also some parents like to 'try' this taster option to see how their child responds. 


Prices from £200.00


Happy Hopeweller is a weekly session from 45mins to 1 hour for 4 weeks. During this time your child will experience, a unique blend of therapeutic art and NLP life coaching, all combined to be a Happy Hopeweller!

Prices from £450.00


Hopewell Vision & Coaching use a unique blend of theories, models & techniques. 


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