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Therapeutic Art


Therapeutic art also known as art therapy provides a safe space for self-exploration and self-expression. It is a powerful tool that has the capacity to significantly reduce negative impact on your life and open up a new found awareness, not previously expressed by using language alone.


Simply by drawing, painting, collaging or using other visual art exercises, provides an opportunity to work through limiting beliefs, help you face your fears and celebrate your successes. If you’ve never tried this before you’re in for a treat!  I will work closely with you through this therapeutic art journey.

Therapeutic Art gives you space and time to creatively ‘just be you.’ It fosters self-reflection and mindfulness which can lead to a sense of clarity and a deeper understanding.  Therapeutic Art gives an opportunity to do this and more and, of course, you get to keep your beautiful artwork, giving you a sense of of achievement.

Therapeutic Art is integral to Hopewell Vision and Coaching’s programmes (where stated). However, if you think this is just not your thing, we can discuss other options. Just ask!



Neuro Linguistic Programming is the study of human nature, how the brain works, language patterns and the internalisation of the 5 senses. 

The benefits of NLP in life coaching

Improved leadership skills

Change unwanted behaviour

Eliminate limiting beliefs 

Clearer communication skills

Gain better control over one’s life

Develop healthier responses to difficult situations

Better professional and personal relationships

Clarity of one’s own values

Set goals/outcomes and strategies

Stronger sense of self

Increased business sales

Resolve conflicts within personal/business relationships

Social Work Models

Throughout my career as a social worker working with children and families, I was introduced to numerous theories and models of social work.  The key to success, irrespective of the end goal, was based on identifying a family's needs and implementing the relevant theory/model based on their individual circumstances.

Hopewell Vision and Coaching will use these social care models to facilitate goal planning for success.

Some Social work theories/models include :

-Ecological Model

-Task-Centred Approach

-Solution Focused Approach

-Person-Centred Approach

Performance Coaching

The coach will facilitate the development and action plan for the coachee to support them in making positive changes in their life. I will work at a pace to suit you.

Benefits of performance coaching:

-To Develop tools and strategies to overcome weaknesses

-To Identify and maximise one's own strength

-To Develop a greater sense of self (wants, needs, desires)

-To Identify limiting beliefs, through processes or behaviours that create road blocks

-To facilitate smart, practicable goal planning

-To Improve business and workplace relations 



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