What Makes You Happy?

May 25, 2018

First of all 'happy' needs a definition. International Happiness Day endeavours to answer this question but the reason behind this organisation needs some thought. Why does the whole world need tips for a happy life and ways to be happier? It's clear this is struggle on a global scale and the endless advice, support and blogs on this topic indicates that as a nation we don't know the answer. 


Recently I hosted an empowerment event and asked my guests two questions:

  1. What makes you happy?

  2. What does happiness mean to you?


A variety of answers suggested that happiness was contextual to their individual and environmental circumstances. The interesting fact is however, all my guests felt these questions were difficult to answer. Hhhhmmmm…..Well, what does that mean?


Well, first of all to answer these questions, a conversation with the conscious mind to define happiness would have to take place. Maybe ‘the talk’ went something like this…


‘Ok mind, I know we don’t have this conversation much but right now I need you to tell me what I like, what makes me happy and of course I really need you to tell me what happiness means to me…c’mon mind, I thought you knew! Ok so yeah, I suppose I love my parents, oh yeah and a good holiday but where? Where do I like to go on holiday? Oh yes that trip to Spain was beautiful, I liked that. No no! Mind, remember we went to Cuba? Yeah Cuba was better. An adventurous family trip. Ok, so now Cuba is on my what makes me happy list. Next, I like being with…erm…my children. Yes I love my children, got to love the kids, but what about ME? What makes me happy? Ok, I like getting my nails done…erm…having good people around me and…and…the movies? Oh yes, I like a good film!’


I mean really, is that how we weigh up what we like? The first thing that comes to mind goes on the list, mainly out of pressure to just get something down?  It seems this is a skill that needs to be exercised at the brain gym (I hope that makes sense) to develop this ‘positive mind-set’ everyone is harping on about. You know, the one where being more positive lowers stress levels, enables you to have a peace of mind, encourages you to take positive action, I’m sure you’ve heard all about it! Clearly though, we are still struggling to get to a place where we can simply answer:


  1. What makes you happy?

  2. What does happiness mean to you?


It should roll from our tongues like the answer to how old is your child? Or what company do you work for? Somehow, we have become programmed to notice things that don’t matter or are unhelpful to our lives, than to see or even articulate what we enjoy. No wonder relationships are failing and we live in a constant state of conflict and confusion. We don’t actually know the answer, hanging onto the first few things that come to mind, then give up like a rich tea biscuit in a hot cup of tea. You must admit it’s pretty strange we all seek pleasure, happiness, enjoyment, fulfilment and yet, somehow the world is in a position that requires ultimate concentration to answer "what makes you happy?"

So…what now?


I guess it’s time to consider the answer to these questions…but what I would like to suggest is, don’t just stick to the first few answers you think of, brainstorm the damn thing! Give it some thought, then, narrow it down. This is not a task for someone who wants a quick answer. It’s for those who want to be able (in time) to simply articulate what makes them happy. 


Why is it important to establish this you may ask? Well, my question to you is, why not? If you know every detail of what annoys you about ‘that colleague’ or the rising price in bread, then why wouldn’t you want to know what makes you happy? 


Here’s 6 happy-clappy, positive mind-setty (that’s not a mistake) tips to get you started on your quest. Let me know how you get on.


1. Check out Action for Happiness.

It is what it says on the tin.


2. Local groups 

There’s loads of happy clappy stuff going on in your local area. Try something new for a change. You can check out MeetUp, Eventbrite, there's always something going on


3. Online 

There are thousands of groups on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest that are dedicated to ‘finding your happy.’ Have a click around. 


4 .Podcast

Lots of motivational, empowering that can brighten you day. Check out Get That Good Life Podcast.


5. Attend Motivational/Empowerment Events

If you would like me to speak at your event, find out more here


6. Get Life Coaching

Many of us out there but if you would like to try my SuperChick Coaching Packages to get you started - let's connect. I promise it's not happy-clappy stuff, it's focused work motivating you to gain work/life balance, goal setting techniques, have more time for what makes you happy and ultimately, you guessed it - helps you to answer, what makes you happy.



Hope you’ve enjoyed this blog, you are invited to comment, share to your networks and of course subscribe!


So tell me, what makes you happy? What does happiness mean to you? Can you answer this now?





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