Don't Give Me Roses! I Want Self-Love for Valentine's Day

February 14, 2018


Valentines Day is a poignant time to reflect on the relationship you have with yourself. Why? Well, the majority message screams you're meant to have a partner or you must spend a chunk of money on gifts for your hubby - these are not a hard and fast rules ladies. So, let’s make our own rules instead!


I'm on a mission for us ladies to put ourselves first as,sometimes, we just don't help ourselves as we're always so busy. I know you must be thinking, what's a girl to do! I’m a yummy mummy, a daughter, a wife, a best friend…but it's like we have an unspoken rule to think: 'I can wait.’ The trouble is the moment to get 'me-time' never seems to come. 


So what are we going to do? I say, make this Valentine's Day different. Let's make it about us and reinforce those messages from our favourite songs teaching us love ourselves first and love ourselves before anybody else. I would like to give you some ideas of how to truly start loving yourself. Enjoy and let me know how you get on...


1. Treat yourself to a beautiful lunch or dinner

Personally, I don't mind eating alone but, when I do, I take the opportunity of ordering as much as I like! Don't judge - wouldn't you like to have second helpings sometimes? Call it a solo date, me-time, or whatever you like..but it's just for you! You can go to your favourite restaurant or, if it's too cold, order food and eat in, in the comfort of your home. Again, maximise the opportunity to have whatever you like and however much you like. You don't have to answer to anyone remember - ssshhh I won't tell if you won't.


2. Chillax

Break out the bath bombs, face masks, heel balm, moisturising gloves...aaaahhh that feeling of pampering is second to none! If you don't want to go it alone at home, go to your local spa, invite your girlfriends and have pamperer day. Either way, chillax!


3. Celebrate Yourself

What does this really mean? Well, what do you like about you? Take some time to appreciate yourself today. What have you done well? Have you achieved your goals today? Did you get that 'me-time' today? Find ways to celebrate your wins. You could develop this into a habit and your self-esteem will be through the roof after a month...imagine that!


4. From this day decide to invest in you

What do you want to achieve?

-Start that course you've had your eye on 

-Fire up a hobby that you've been too busy to start 

-Research that life coach you think that may help you order your thoughts

 -Start a search for a holiday, book that empowerment event you've noticed online...whatever it is, it's simply got to make you feel GOOD! Whether you're married, with-child or single, it doesn't matter. Prioritising and practising self-love is key to good mental health but, to achieve this, take time to invest in you.


5. Go to bed early

There's nothing like a good night's rest after a hot shower or bath. I'll stop there - enough said right?


6. Music

Music soothes the soul. Chill out or rock out to your favourite tracks. Guess what? It doesn't even have to relate to Valentines Day! 


7.  Read

Catch up with celebrity gossip, health magazines, a favourite chapter in a book. Whatever it is...take you mind off the everyday stuff and escape into a different world for a while.


8. Dare I say...take a sick day

I'm not commenting any further, I'll leave this on the didn't hear it from me right?


9. Start a journal

We are taught that relationships are about interacting with others and often the relationship with ourselves is completely bypassed. Why is that? Love yourself first is the resounding message isn't it? I don't understand why they leave this out. Yet it can be the basis for many relationship breakdowns. Anyway, before I go into a rant, a good way to track the relationship with yourself is to start a journal. Simply write what you did during the day, any plans you have, how you felt etc. Keep track and review it may be surprised at what you find.


10. Be Extravagant

Whatever it is you choose to deepen the relationship with yourself, be extravagant with it. You deserve it! Just like you would go the extra mile to make your mother happy or buy the perfect gift for your husband, why not do that for yourself this Valentine's! 



Just a note to help you start your self-love journey, please share if you like...


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