13 Indulgent Tips to Put Yourself First

November 29, 2018

Winter is approaching and sometimes we need a reminder to put ourselves first. It may sound selfish but it's difficult to support others if you're not 100%. So here's 13 indulgent tips...enjoy!


1. Treat yourself

Plan an indulgent lunch or dinner alone or with friends/family.

2. Pamper Yourself
Break out the bath bombs, face masks, heel balm, moisturising gloves...that feeling of pampering is second to none!


3. Celebrate Yourself
Take some time to appreciate yourself. What have you done well? What have you achieved today? List your strengths and skills...




4. This week decide to invest in you
What do you want to achieve?
-Start that course you've had your eye on 
-Fire up a hobby that you've been too busy to start 
-Research that life coach you think that may help you order your thoughts
-Start searching for a holiday 

-Book that empowerment event you've noticed online...whatever it is, it's simply got to make you feel GOOD! Prioritising and practising self-love is key to good emotional health.


5. Go to bed early
There's nothing like a good night's rest


6. Music
Music soothes the soul. Chill out or rock out to your favourite tracks. Music is
known to release endorphins, those hormones that make you feel good!


7. Read
Catch up with celebrity gossip, health magazines, a favourite chapter in a book. Whatever it is...take you mind off the everyday stuff and escape into a different world for a while.





8. Plan a trip/night out
Whatever you want, plan it, book it and go! You deserve to have some fun.


9. Listen to a Podcast.

Get great advice , entertainment and tips to keep you motivated.


10. Start a journal
Love yourself first is a resounding message isn't it? A good way to track the relationship with yourself is to start a journal. Simply write what you did during the day, any plans you have, how you felt etc.


11. Be Extravagant
Whatever it is you choose to deepen the relationship with yourself, be extravagant with it. You deserve it! Just like you would go the extra mile to make your mother happy or buy the perfect gift for your husband, why not do that for yourself? Lay in diamonds perhaps...



12. Hire a Life Coach.


We all have what it takes to be in control of our lives right? So why do we struggle to take action to get what we want? Feel overwhelmed or don't know where to start ? Lack of motivation and time? Don't feel strong enough to go it alone?  I can help. Contact

Whatever it is, it's time to start making decision that are best for you, not just for today but for the years to come. Need a KickSTART? Click here



13. Attend a Motivational / Empowerment Event

Woman Power Summit 2019 - Strengthening women to make strategic life choices. Check out Thanksgiving Celebration tickets here



Blessings, Le'Siran x

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