Live Life Balanced

July 13, 2018

Get serious about organising your life so you can ENJOY your life!

It can become habit to coast through life but wouldn’t you like to say "I’m living in the life I want?" Often when people hear this they think of more money, a mansion but forget it takes work to achieve. 


Every millionaire will tell you have to be: 


-Serious about pursuing & achieving your goal

-Committed & Consistent


-A leader

-A hard worker

There’s no shying away from it. So when I say ‘lead the life you want’ or anything similar it means take the first step/make the first move to work towards what you want. 


There was a point in my life where I was overworked, overwhelmed, I lost friends, isolated myself. It wasn’t until I took a step back that I realised I had caused some of the imbalances in my life. After focusing  at these imbalances individually I was able to achieve what I term ‘Life Balance.’ 

 This is what drives me to be in this profession - being able to share my journey and helping others achieve their goals.


Starting on 23rd July 2018 I'll be hosting the Live Life Balanced Free 5 Day Challenge. Join me.





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