Let's Go!

November 17, 2018




I would not be here if I didn't quit my job and throw myself into my passion. I literally jumped from a flying plane, with a prayer and went for it! It has been the scariest and most exhilarating quest and if you want a test of character - be an entrepreneur! 


"Lessons upon lessons" I think will be my motto for this year and I'm grateful for every second. I have so many things left on my list to achieve and I'm not stopping until it's the end of the year. Why should I?


The year is wrapping up now and it's time to reflect a little on your achievements but I know inevitably you're going to think about what you haven't achieved yet.  I want to give you a last push. The year isn't over by a long shot and there's still time! So go for it! 




Let's do this...15 ideas to go for it!


1. Send that email to that person 


2. Apply for that job 


3. Ask for that promotion/raise you think is impossible


4. Start that charity


5. Lose that weight (even if it's just a start). I've heard so many times that people are gearing up to eat a lot at Christmas and put on weight. Who plans to put on weight?! Hmmmmm..... Make the start.


6. Start that exercise class


7. Make that application


8. Ring that person 


9 Make your list of goals for 2019!


10. Sort out and de-clutter (what wait for the New Year to do this, why not feel better now?)


11. Finish reading that book


12. Book that course you wanted to go on, even if it's starts next year


13. Improve your wellbeing now, book that health appointment


14. Keep saving money, you may not reach your target but keep saving! It all adds up, right? Or pay some money off your debts. 


15. Book your ticket to Woman Power Summit to help you achieve your personal goals for 2019!



Just think...what if it works?! What a Christmas gift that would be...





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